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Past Conference Themes

The following list includes themes from all past HASTI Conferences.

2018:  Science:  Keeping it ReAl.

2017: Science for a Healthy Indiana

2016: Racing Toward Science Literacy in Indiana
2015: The Nature of Science
2014:  HASTI: The Next Generation
2013: The Joy of Science 
2012: At the Crossroads for Science Education (combined with NSTA National Conference)
2011: Rising to the New Standards
2010: A Defining Moment...HASTI Goes XL
2009: Professional Educators in Science: Preparing Future Leaders
2008: Thinking Outside the Box
2007: The Highly Qualified Teacher
2006: Making Connections
2005: Engaging Inquiry 
2004: Searching for Solutions CSI - Indiana 
2003: DO MORE! TEACH!!
2002: A Hoosier Affair 
2001: Looking into the New Century 
2000: Assessing Success in Science Education
1999: HASTI: The Turning Point in Science 
1998: Making a Difference with HASTI 
1997: Discovering Science with HASTI
1996: Building a Science Community 
1995: HASTI: At the Center of Science Education 
1994: Having the Advantage of Science Thoughts and Ideas
1993: HASTI - Your Choice for Science Education
1992: HASTI - Your Link to Resources
1991: Twenty-One Years - Coming of Age with HASTI 
1990: Score One for Science: 20 Years of Service
1989: HASTI - A Leader in Science Education 
1988: Science - Educating Indiana for the Future
1987: Science Is!
1986: Excellence in Science for All Ages
1985: Toward Quality in Science Education
1984: Challenging - Not Channeling - Students in Science
1983: In Pursuit of Excellence in Science Education
1982: Up with Science - The Shuttle to the Future
1981: Which Way Science? Signs of the Future 
1980: Challenge of the 80's
1979: Making a Difference
1978: Alternative Futures - Alternative Solutions
1977: Stepping Forward with Science
1976: Surrounded by Science
1975: Science is.....?
1974: Science and Human Needs
1973: Science for Everyone
1972: Education for a Livable World
1971: Science for the 70's


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