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    • February 13, 2022
    • February 15, 2022
    • Marriott - Indianapolis EAst, Indiana

    The Golden Age of Science Education 

    50th Anniversary - HASTI State Conference

    February 13 - 15, 2022

                               Conference Chair:  Kristen Poindexter

    Submit a program/workshop proposal for the 2022 HASTI Annual Conference, February , 2022 at the Marriott - Indianapolis East  Conference Center.  The theme of the conference is: The Golden Age of Science Education.

    This year's strands include:


    1. Culturally responsive teaching: Being responsive to the needs of all learners

    2. Connected to the “core” learning experiences: Connecting learning experiences to the NGSS Core Ideas

    3. Grounding Practice in Research: What does research tell us about our current practices?

    4. Applying knowledge in context: Taking what we know and applying it other places

    5. Sense Making & Argumentation: Using argumentation in our practice to help students develop sense making

    New guidelines have been established for session proposals.  Read carefully the descriptions provided to determine what category to submit proposals.  Each presenter is limited to submitting a maximum of two  proposals.  

    Active and Retired Teachers/Educators:

    Active and Retired teachers/educators (and co-presenters) are invited to submit up to a maximum of two (2) proposals for consideration.  Proposals should focus on the presenter's individual work and not offer any endorsements to specific products or services available on the market.

    Nonprofit Organizations or Government Agencies:

    Nonprofit Organizations and Government Agencies are invited to submit up to a maximum of two (2) proposals for consideration. Proposals should focus on resources that are freely available and do not have any fee attached for participants to be able to fully utilize said resources.

    Presentations focused on offering product(s) for sale, paid training or professional learning opportunities, supplements, or additional resources for a fee will need to be submitted as an Exhibitor Workshop.

    Commercial Organizations

    Commercial Organizations are invited to present via the Exhibitor Workshop option. To be eligible, companies must have an exhibit booth for the respective conference. Exhibitor workshops are guaranteed to be scheduled provided they meet acceptable standards of taste and NSTA Safety Guidelines.  Commercial Organizations need to register as an Exhibitor.  

    Science Consultants

    Science Consultants are invited to submit up to a maximum of two (2) proposals for consideration. Proposals should focus on the presenter's individual work and not promote use of consultant’s service or any fee-based materials.

    Deadline for submission is:  October 1, 2021.  Any proposal submitted after September 24 will be placed on a wait list.

    This year's program manager is Dawn Bick.  (Programmanager@hasti.org)

    • February 13, 2022
    • 6:00 PM
    • Marriott East - Indianapolis

    HASTI Awards

    Use this registration form to submit the names of nominees for the following awards.

    ____ Cheryl Cowan Memorial Award for Innovative Elementary Science Teaching

    ____ Charlotte M. Boener Memorial Award for Innovative Middle School Science Teaching

    ____ Clyde Motts Memorial Award for Innovative High School Science Teaching

    ____ Innovative College Science Teaching Award

    ___ Gene Stratton Porter Environmental Educator Award

    ____ Edward Frazier Distinguished Service Award

    After submitting the online form be sure to check each award on the HASTI website for specific information that needs to be sent to:  Awardsmanager@hasti.org

    Deadline for submission is:  November 5, 2021


"The Hoosier Association of Science Teachers , Inc" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

P.O. Box 383, New Albany, IN  47151

Email:  Executivedirector@hasti.org   


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