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HASTI Board of Directors

David Butler

HASTI Position:  President

School Information:  Southern Wells Jr/Sr High School

What I hope to accomplish while serving on the Board of Directors:  As a member of the board, I will provide the opportunity to offer guidance, resources and support. In addition, I am determined to develop future incentives for all educators to join and participate in the HASTI family. I aim to support educators to be disseminators of knowledge; thus, helping to elevate the quality of science education in Indiana. My goal has always been and will always be to service all K-16 educators past, present, and future by upholding our mission statements and promoting HASTI involvement by sharing concepts, activities, and strategies. 

Stacy Hootman

HASTI Position:  Vice-President

School Information:  Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and Earth Space Science, University of Indianapolis

What I hope to accomplish while serving on the Board of Directors:  I first attended HASTI as an undergraduate student in my science methods course, and I've not missed a HASTI conference since that time.  My goal is making sure that undergraduate education majors in Indiana know about HASTI and what it has to offer.  I also want to help bring together beginning teachers and exemplary experienced science educators in the state.


     Secretary (2019-2022)

     Georgia Everett


Treasurer (2020-2023)

Greg McCurdy

    Immediate Past President (2021-2022)

    Kristen Poindexter


At-Large Directors

    Elementary Director (2019-2022)

    Dawn Bick



    Middle School Director  (2020-2023)

    Suzanne Cunningham



    High School Director (2021-2024)

    Craig Williams



     College Director (2018-2021)

     Robert Yost



     Director at Large 1 (2021-2024)

    Brooke Stewart


     Director at Large 2 (2021-2024)

     James E. Hollenbeck



District Directors

    District 1 Director (2020-2023)

     Stephanie Crook



    District 2 Director (2020- 2023)

     Tracy Strieder 



     District 3 Director  (2019-2022)

     Ashley Giordano Wilson



     District 4 Director  (2019-2022)

     Alyce Myers



     District 5 Director  (2019-2022)

     Judy Clephane



     District 6 Director  (2021-2024)

    Susan Johnson


    District 7 Director  (2021-2024)

     Merle Callahan



     District 8 Director (2020-2023)

     Teddie Phillipson



     District 9 Director (2021-2024)

     John L. Harkness



"The Hoosier Association of Science Teachers , Inc" is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 

P.O. Box 383, New Albany, IN  47151

Email:  Executivedirector@hasti.org   


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